Baws Deep

So turns out I can’t do maths or I’m dumb or don’t want to work but I’m still 3 posts short when I thought I was only a day short so yeah here’s me all relaxed and everything till I realised I have to write a shiteload so I can actually keep up this bloody streak.

I’m not sure why I care so much about blog streaks, I couldn’t care less about snapchat steaks no matter how much snapchat hypes them up (the new hourglass emoji just serves to harden my resolve against the bastards. Ever since I stopped taking french I could care less about my Duolingo streaks and I’m gonna leave that for the whole duration of my trip.

I think maybe it’s the fact that I swore that I would do this, that I would manage to write a blog post a day for a whole year because it seemed like such a fantastical thing to do and something that seemed like a goliath to tackle but honestly it’s been a fun and pretty easy ride and apart from this bulk writing I don’t think I’ve suffered too much for it.

As I begin to wind down this blog I suppose I have to look to the future and take what I can from this, what will I take from this experience? I suppose just get stuck in and things are easier once you get started


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