To-do List

Having not written a blog post a day for 3 weeks it does feel a little strange writing one again, I was tempted to just finish up yesterday and never write again but that would just be lazy, though it garments back to something I said a few months ago why I went to a rowing session whilst incapacitated (I can’t remember why) I told the guy “as soon as I miss one session I’ll miss them all” and it came true because 6 months later I got kicked out for low attendance. 

I’m back in Edinburgh and has there been any change in me? Not to sure, I seem to be at a different place to everyone else, grooving to my own rhythm though I do seem to have light aspergers owing to the fact I haven’t talked to anyone in weeks. 

I’m definitely more aware of everything I’m doing and I’m working well doing everything I should be doing and making good decisions not sure if it’ll last but I hope it will. 

Having had a lot of sleepless nights recently I’ve been watching a lot of Casey Neistat and some vlogger called Justin Espinosa and damn does it inspire you. Redbeard talks about being so good at something that people want to emulate what you are and watching their videos lowkey makes me want to start making videos. I think I could do it, I do like doing these creative projects and it is a plausible idea of a thing to do after this blog finally wraps up. 

With all the intellectual drivel I write on the blog I sometimes forget that I’m still a 16 year old kid going through high school and today I talked a little about it to a friend (this is the one that made me wonder if I’d actually accomplished anything this year) a few years ago our year was divided into pretty biggish groups of 20 or so people but I reasoned that as soon as we were allowed out for lunch the number would fall dramatically as people went off with a few people they really liked instead of large clumps and I do think that happened. I think the next change is more single sex groups that are smaller still in size that will link up for events but will mostly remain separate it seems like the general trend and what I see in older people. So just calling it now guys, check back in a year to see if I got it right or not. 


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