Make That Dinero 

Still not totally recovered from jet lag so guess who woke up at 5:30 and made breakfast much to my parents’ chagrin but the omelette was damn tasty. 

Mum has relegated me back to bed, probably for the best but I’ve just sat on my phone watching Casey and playthegame because yeah I seem to have no self control when it comes to YouTube but I thought I’d do something a little productive and write a post. 

It’s quarter past 10 now and I’ll get up straight after this but what I wanted to talk about was… Was… I can’t remember or perhaps there wasn’t even a plan , I do want originally to have really interesting posts for my last few days so I’ll try add some stuff later on but if I don’t just remember to listen to Jon Bellion, Lil Dicky and Post Malone. 

I’m a tiny bit inebriated right now but what I got to say is Justin Escalona is my role model and damn if I’m totally tryna replicate his life running into boundaries off areas and taking indie snaps of stuff and kinda lowkey tryna get into the film business but I’ll end it here because I have 20 minutes left today and the rest is gonna just be drivel. 


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