2AM Summer Nights

I realised something last night, for some reason this one phrase has been going through my head for the last few days I can’t actually remember it properly but it’s something like about dedicating your to seeking beauty in everything which is cheesy as hell but that’s kinda what the last few days have been like. 

Last night, or perhaps this morning everything just seemed like ‘art’ the sky was stunning as hell and everything just seemed to fall into place. There’s this one memory I have of a friend standing on some scaffolding looking up at the night sky which I would’ve loved to immortalized in pixels but shoddy camera is shoddy camera. 

So perhaps that’s what I’ll do with my life, seek to create and capture beauty or perhaps this is me being a little bit sleepy and romantiscing the fact I can finally see the skies again. 

I kinda wanna write longer blog posts for the next few days so I’ll probably add more later when I’m more cogent and down to earth. 

5 hours later and it’s continued, waiting for a friend who decided to go to the completely wrong place I say up and looked at the clouds listening to Jon Bellion and yeah I know it sounds like the driest lunch (apparently it’s good slang out in st Andrews) but honestly it was nice just remembering how it is to live on this planet. 

This probably sounds like the softest thing to everyone else and I don’t really expect everyone to get it because you have to be in a specific state of mind to think it’s cool and to me that meant getting caged up in China without social media for 3 weeks. 

I laugh a lot more and things that probably would’ve depressed me act as a slight transient dint to the aura. 

Also I seem to have lost the ability to be embarrassed in public, after walking down the stairs, jumping in hope of grabbing a ledge, failing and landing on my ass in front of a dozen or so people and just laughing it off hysterically I don’t really think I have that much cares about being an idiot in public


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