Now I’m Here

After 2 days of merriment and fun I’m back home and ready to start the king grind again. I had a lax time and enjoyed myself but now it’s over it’s time tostart doing the things I need to be doing. 

What do I need to be doing? Well in my efforts to become Justin Escalona I’m trying to figure out how to do a handstand and yeah I’m a little to tight around my shoulders and hips right now so I’ll be stretching a lot and just trying to fix my posture plus I’ll probably be trying to stick in as many pistol squats and situps as I can do because I read this article the other day about some NFL guy whose only exercise for years was essentially thousands of pushups, squats, situps and pullups a day. 

I also can’t really be bothered doing homework for the next year so I’ll probably do what I did last year for physics. Before the school year started I went through the textbook and did most of the exercises on sheets of paper that I filed away, whenever the teacher set them for homework I’d just pull out the sheet and be done with it. I do think learning the course early will help, I’ll understand it better in class and with exams in half a year I reckon it’ll be tight so I may as well do as much work as I can when I’m not too busy. 

I’m gonna stop fannying around and get up now, I’ve been watching Justin and some shopping hauls for an hour or so because I totally think Stussy and Supreme and brands like that are g af now even though I would never fork out for them because clothes are clothes. 


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