Our Heavy World

Today I rejoin the world of drone worker bees serving some weird higher entity, slaving their 9-5s in the search of something called happiness and relaxation but invariabley destroying these in the process, yeah I’m back on work experience. 

I’ve an hour or so commute either way and with a limited amount of data left I’ve been left with a blog and pensive looking out the window at Edinburgh so right now I’m blogging. 

Firstly before I go deep I’d just like to express my deep resentment for my playlist, a week or so ago I was raving about the guy, in love because every song was a banger and they were but for some reason now I have to skip just about every song that isn’t a Jon Bellion so right now I like approximately 1% of my music collection but whatever. 

I’ve been back 5 days now and I’m a little happy and a little disappointed where I am. The first two days went swimmingly, I did everything I needed to do, even practise violin. Then I went out for two days and did nothing that productive, though I am proud of myself when I got back at 10pm and remembered that I should probably do some pistols and press ups to keep up the streak, the next day for some reason I was deliriously weak but I still got in some quality inversions so yeah on my way to handstand mastery. I also totally didn’t do any violin in the last 2 days and stupidly decided to waste all my time reading that harry Potter play, I’ve finished it now and honestly it’s a little disappointing, way too short and way too sad to be a potter. 

Also well hyped to get my Oneplus 3 literally only because it shoots RAW and not for any other reason because I need something to do in the next few weeks so why not photo editing (plus lowkey want to get into video editing so I’ll start off here)

I’ll stop here and probably right some more on my way back but until then I’ll have fun looking out a bus window and listening to sad songs. 

If reading that harry Potter book has taught me anything is that you shouldn’t hold things sacred just because they happened in the past, it’s not that terrible of a play but compared to my hallowed memories of the old ones it’s pretty mundane. 

Not got anything to write about except complain about how I should probably listen to less music and more podcasts and I’ve decided to spend the rest of this ride trying to figure out how to clean my ultraboosts. 


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