Winning the Lottery

Writing this post a day early because just so inspired bro plus I wanna do something productive instead of just playing more vainglory. 

About a year ago my boy Julien Blanc got destroyed on the internet, if the name doesn’t ring a bell he’s the date rape pickup artist whose repertoire includes choking girls and calling them dogs, anyway he isn’t all bad and the whole thing really taught me to distrust keyboard warriors, the media and politicians in general (I mean they don’t let him into the country but they let in suspected terrorists? Nah not cool).

Ever since getting flamed he’s turned all spiritual and homely which I can totally dig. I’m listening to one of his tapes about incremental improvements and realised something. 

I’ve been watching a shitload of Justin and his friends lately and frankly I’m envious of their camera abilities, I’ve been telling myself that with the right colour balance settings I can be just as good as them but there’s something I wasn’t thinking about, that daily grind. I thought writing a blog post a day was taxing, Justin does a bloody vlog a day and those are high quality as hell (unlike my blog on most days).

Julien continues on talking about how we all want the magic pill, in fitness, health, education and so on, this made me realize something I had known a while ago but forgotten recently. Most of my real success came from doing things day in and day out, slowly amassing talent. I went from terrible at French to scoring the highest in the prelim because I did my Duolingo every night, I can actually do a bench press because I did 200 press ups a day for a good few months and whilst I’m musically retarded I got my grade 8 because I practised every day no matter what. 

So back at it again with the incremental gains, I’m doing good on the exercise, education is just me learning the courses beforehand for the next few weeks and I reckon I’m gonna skim read textbooks for the next year just to learn a shitload because that informations free and it’d be rude to not use it. Violin is still a bit of a sore spot but I pianos going swimmingly, I better actually be able to keep it up for at least a year or 2 to start seeing actual results. 

S/o to Tyler who a few weeks ago said something that stuck with me “you’re not competing against the average person because the average person isn’t even competing” so yeah I’m back at it again with the arrogance but carpe diem and all that. 

Plus I’ve totally found a way to pirate Filmora (noob version of final cut) so hopefully soon as the new phone comes I’ll be at it with the Daily Docs -should say I probably won’t be doing daily vlogs instead of a vlog because school isn’t interesting at all but I kinda wanna keep it as a side thing. 


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