Choke On The Smoke

I do realize I haven’t really written anything fun on this blog on a while and I probably won’t be writing anything terribly fun today unless I somehow find divine inspiration and I manage to get this bloody PCR to work, honestly I’m on my 7th or something one and all I’ve got so far is 2 faint white lines, I’m actually considering asking to come back next week because this is actually pretty addictive, if that’s what you can call repeatly pipetting 2 microlitres of expensive chemicals into different sized tubes. 

Anyway the oneplus 3 comes home today so yeah I’m pretty sure I’m gonna spend the whole weekend with my face glued to it with perhaps a brief recess for Korean food (my new love) and exploring this beautiful country I live in. 

I really don’t wanna write more about how you should live your life and become the most productive thing ever so I won’t because the resentment is palpable to a point where I can feel it through the transistors over which my fingers type. 

Just to say how fucking cool are mobile phones. I remember watching scifi films as a kid and people would have these impossibly thin pieces of metal that could call and play games and now we finally have them, able to call up information at any point in time and have the whole world at your fingertips all wrapped up in a few millimeters of svelte metal, man we don’t appreciate this shit enough. 

I think we don’t appreciate things we have, we really should, be happy for what you got kids because there’s people who would kill for it. 

Also have fun because life’s too short to be sad, man I don’t even care what you do with your life as long as you’re happy it was worth it. And I mean actually happy, not some facade you put on for everyone else but the kind where you’ll just randomly smile to yourself when no one’s watching. 


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