Do It Myself 

New phone, new me. I’m writing this on the bus whilst conversing with a friend so it’ll be disjointed as hell. 

I’ve fallen into a nice little routine of work at home, I’ll set my pomodoro for 25 minutes, beast some units and make my notes then read it all again. Then hitting up my old bodyweights. 

Anyway I met people again and I’ve realized I need to go out more because I’m totally going mad without social interaction and becomming this scary positive beast that can’t acknowledge any sad emotions or do other normal human stuff so yeah don’t do stuff in isolation or you’ll go mad. 

I’ve just had my first shawarma at some scary roadside café so I’ll probably lose all my guts tomorrow but I think the sparkling water will save me. This will probably be a rubbish post so read the others cause they’re fresh af.  

I seem to have lost this fear of being judged by random people, I think I’ve mentioned this before but I kinda got told numerous times by my friends to shut up and not make a scene and to stop talking to the people handing out leaflets but whatever I had fun. 

Let’s talk about fashion. I remember a few years ago super dry jackets were all the rage, if you wanna see one it’s a windbreaker, anyway now when I see one I want to puke but back in the day it was quintessential to be anybody to wear a super dry windbreaker, I don’t really have a point to this but I felt guilty writing such a bad post so I thought I’d fill it out a bit. 


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