Perfect Dreams

I’ve never been very good at recounting my dreams partly because I have a horrible memory and partly because they’re just so embarrassing. For some reason no one else seems to have dreams about people they know, while I would say I don’t dream exclusively about people it’s a fair chunk of my dream population. 

Anyway yesterday I learnt that during sleep our brain cells shrink to allow the toxic chemical buildup to get flushed out so we’re fresh for the next day, I think that’ll explain why I constantly have a sore head whenever im tired. It’s totally unrelated but I thought I’d say it as an interesting tidbit. Anyway I woke up this morning with an incredibly pleasant feeling in my body, a feeling that I could find eternal happiness by just doing something, problem is I can’t remember what that thing was but I strongly suspect it was to go check out someone’s Instagram profile, at the moment I’m just a little confused how visiting someone’s Instagram could ever bring me contentment and if it could whose Instagram would it be. 

I’m pretty sure I’ll never be as happy as I was this morning in my stupor because I’d literally need to take ecstasy to get that much dopamine at once abs really not willing to do that, until then my newly discovered music and handstands will have to do. 

I’ll probably add more later but till then peace out. 


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