Save Harambe

SOTD: Native Tongue by Quinn XCII (and no I swear I didn’t just search up “indie songs that barely anyone knows” so I could impress you people)

I do wonder how many people I know actually read this blog, I keep getting told that it’s a lot more than I think and I believe that because I’m pretty sure about two people read this blog because blogs seem like the most boring thing to read, in a world of constant stimulation why not watch a vlog, listen to a song or just watch tv, so if you kids have the tenacity to actually read my blog congratulations.

Today let’s talk about revision, (worst part is I’m not joking) I’m not sure where I got this new technique from, it might be from Jack Aspinall some guy who followed me on instagram one day but turned out to be a godsend when it came to revision (at least I think it was him) anyway he’s started a blog so check him out, he’s like a better me who actually still does rowing and goes to oxford.

Anyway what I do is flashcards, you write down what you want to remember with a prompt on one side and the definition on the other. You go through them once, if you get it right put it on one pile and if you get it wrong put it on another, then you do it again, ignore the cards you got right and redo the ones you got wrong until eventually you’ve got it all right, then do that everyday. Problem is with 3 whole courses in flashcards I’ve got somewhere around 100 and it’s kinda hard to do. Learning How to Learn said I should space out study sessions and by god’s grace someone put up a video of how to do it yesterday so yeah I’m following this now.

I’m terribly sorry for being a bore so let’s talk about more boring stuff, this can be a sort of test of endurance for you guys to see whether or not you can suffer endlessly without much complaint.

This morning I woke up lacking. I’m not really sure how I’d describe it but it felt like I was missing something in my life, some piece that I couldn’t quite identify that meant I just couldn’t enjoy life, that I was somehow flawed because I couldn’t find this thing. Whatever, I woke up, did my morning pressups (I’ll wake up an hour before I have to and do some pressups just to piss myself off) and slept like a baby thinking about how I was gonna boss the day.

I am a little concerned I’m doing my one legged squats with improper form, well actually I know I’m doing them wrong – just a little worried about how it’ll fuck up my body.I do them atop a crate and just squat down one-legged with the other just pointing straight done, this means I can’t actually do them on flat ground but the strength gains on point. I haven’t been to a gym in a month or two but I’d say I’m probably at my strongest ever right now.

Damn really thought I was gonna start the year off strong with interesting posts but nah not enough things happening in life right now.


2 thoughts on “Save Harambe

  1. well if you say so, my life is boring enough to read your blog and i don’t mind it at all so yup (jk i’d read it anyways) also great title, very intriguing and insightful!

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