Gotten This Far

Song of the Day: First One – Russ.I’m not really sure what the point of the song of the day is, maybe it’s to show off how cool I am or perhaps it’s a soundtrack to which you’re meant to read the post to, if you’re going to do that try out “manifest” by Russ because honestly this one is kinda annoying.

Costco is my favourite place to shop, literally every product they carry is perfect, everything tastes incredible and the clothes are actually pretty nice for a supermarket-y type shop. The best part is probably the tasters, man oh man, there’s tasters for everything and honestly you can get pretty fed off a few samples. Today was a jackpot, they had these sausages and meatball things, anyway I’m all queued up and I must’ve had some sort of scowl on my face or something but the lady in front tells me “wait for your place” I was a little confused until I realised that she was literally just standing there grabbing samples and chucking them down, she must’ve thought I was judging her and decided to jump back onto the offense before she felt insecure about her stuffing her face in sausages, I decided to just walk off and now here I am expressing my anger on an internet blog because I can’t control my own emotions so I furiously type my displeasure in hope some netizen comments about how I’m correct and how she’s an evil woman.

I got told by someone today that being happy was the secret to success, I’ve reached a point with this self help stuff where I instantly start doubting whenever people start spouting off these almost indoctrinated ideas but I thought I’d write about it.

If anyone remembers those myriad posts I wrote about that English essay about convictions and truth (a total rip off of Tai Lopez but here it is) but I talked about how you shouldn’t look for anything at an extreme and that life exists as the medium between two extremes. When it comes to happiness you can’t live at either extreme. It’s pretty self-explanatory that you shouldn’t live your life in sadness but you also shouldn’t live it in deluded happiness, you need to feel displeasure sometimes, to acknowledge things are wrong because if you fail to realise it it can eventually overtake you. If you don’t acknowledge it there exists a disparity between your thoughts and feelings, this will only drive you deeper into depression as you struggle to rationalise this incongruence so yeah realise that not everythings hunky dory but if you are down realise it and try and fix the cause of it.


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