The Seventh Day

SOTD: Two Shots: Goody Grace ft Gnash

By the seventh day God had finished the work he had been doing; so on the seventh day he rested from all his work.

I swear I don’t actually have such delusions of grandeur as to compare myself to God but I thought it was kinda funny how it fit in nicely.

Having finished my sciences a few days ago I thought I’d actually go outside and have some fun. It started with the day I decided to get chased by some bovine with rabies (slightly overexaggerating) and trying to fry myself on a pylon but yeah I thought I’d go on an adventure.

I hit up the boys the night before, I can’t actually remember what they said but we decided to go to the beach someday when we could get a bigger group together. Yung Rayzay was confused as to why we should go to the beach without either alcohol or girls and so didn’t seem very warm to the idea of two chums exploring an island.

I should provide a little background. In my incessant watching of Justin and some other youtubers I’ve discovered I really like discovering new places and exploring the world, I’ve been told it’s probably to do with my ADD (I don’t actually think I have it but I’m pretty jumpy and can’t concentrate) and I really wanted to go explore cramond island. Cramond is this kinda beach in Edinburgh that has an attached island that you can only go to at lowtide, I’ve never actually been to the island despite going to cramond pretty often.

I give up that night and just decide to spend the next day at home playing vainglory, learning some game theory and finally figuring out how to do my rubix cube.

Next morning I roll out of bed, grab the iPad and turn on YouTube, go on tilt for a while then decide to finally venture forth into the world of social media. I’ve said it before and I’ve said it again, I’m a horrible texter so thankfully my messages are pretty empty. Nebraska’s finally back from America, Jose has discovered my blog and is reading for the second time in her life and some kids are trying to watch a sunset.

I dm sofsan, I don’t really remember how it went but it was something like “Cramond?” “Yeah sure, come to mine first and we can ride down?” “Sure, I’ll see you later”. I whisper I love you and then go on to ruin some bots because daily quests are life. In my opinion that’s what texting should be, not some weird shit about what your gran ate last night as a form of desperate rapport between people who have nothing else to do but as a way to facilitate better ways of communication.

Anyway we end up going down and damn was it fun, if I was Justin I would’ve made a banging daily doc but I’m not so I didn’t but there’s something that just seems so pure about teenage kids riding down the countryside exploring their city.

Cramond island was dope as well, there’s a big ass druggy den that I climbed on top of and started hollering off (interestingly I think I’ve finally managed to perfect my shout, social conditioning seemed to have put a limit on it) and yeah it was pretty magical.

It’s nice having a friend with who there’s no expectations, there’s no weird teenage angst things or ulterior motives. We know we’re friends and nothing would ever happen and actually I’m happy with that, it sounds like the most beta thing to enjoy the friendzone but honestly it’s great when it comes from choice. We talked about how if we spent these experiences with anyone else we’d probably fall in love but somehow we don’t. God writing this I sound like the most beta kid but it’s true, I literally talked to this one random girl on a bus once and played it over for days but nah don’t get that with sof.

So yeah I suppose this is her birthday present cause I can’t afford shit, happy birthday FRIEND.

(also gone back on phone hiatus because I’m wasting way too much time on it, it’s hidden at the bottom of a tissue box and will be returned when I finish with the tissues)

NB softest thing I’ve ever written but someone said I wasn’t nice enough to my friends so this is the start of me writing nice eulogies to my pals, just remember Drake said it best: “Cause the pimpin’ ice cold, all these bitches wanna chill” – now that has absolutely no significance but check out the Jon Bellion cover because it’s sick.


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