Never Stray From The Way

SOTD: Love – Cyrus

The title comes from precept 21 of of Musahi’s Dokkodo, it’s the one I never bothered writing down (along with “do not seek to possess either goods or fiefs for your old age” because I wanna be a rich old asian tourist guy). He’s referring to his own five rings (shameless self-promotion on his own part) but I never bothered reading it so I left it out.

Today I found my way. For years I’ve been hearing about this book called “The way of the superior man” by David Deida, I’ve mentioned it before when talking about isolation. At it’s heart it’s a book about relationships but literally every word speaks volumes. I’m not an incredible reader but this thing just flows like whitewaters, the knowledge cascades down through your brain and you feel refreshed by it. Look any book that promises “a guide to shedding prense and living true to your core” already has me hooked.

The man is mad, he’s gone crazy, he’s at a point in life where nothing matters anymore. He promises the reader “the way of the superior man renders obselete everything that can be known or experienced” honestly the man is a nutcase but a genius at that.

I’m going to skimp on today’s post with the promise the next few will be lit because this book is something I’ll devour and think about for a few weeks to come.



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