Deida on Polarity

SOTD: You & Me – Marc E Bassy ft yung gerald. 

100 pages into it and still haven’t lost the drive for it. I’m not going to lie, Deida is a strange little man but his analogies are wondrous if a little abtruse. He describes women’s energetic energy, the hot and cold and how a man needs different temperatures at different points in his life, how one should eat a salad instead of cheating on his fiery hot Latina wife(yeah he’s crazy).

Deida talks a lot about energetic poles, the masculine and the feminine but not as a strict deliniation between man and woman but as two sides that may be inhabited by either sex. When a man is weak and lost to his purpose he becomes feminine, his woman must step up and drive the relationship becoming masculine causing the relationship to become depolarized and eventually fail. 

I’m not sure how but the man seems to have a complete roadmap of the female mind in his head, here’s a few lessons i learnt from about 5 pages of his book (that’s how fucking good it is, I can write a while blog post on just five pages).

At the tender age of 16 I don’t really have so much real life knowledge of love and its mechanics, I’d love to say education is my true love but I’ve learnt a fair bit from our friends at RSD and various over books I’ve read (50 shades does not count as an accurate representation of love because the author was a sad blogger – not to dissimilar to me).

“if she doesn’t want him, he should immediately cease pursuing her and deal with his pain by himself.” a lot of guys just want a mother, someone to heal their little pain bodies and tell them everything’s okay, this is what Deida would call a feminine aspect, wanting to be lead and shown the way. Often in finding a women they search for someone who can solve them, to fix their lives, inspiring the woman to feel their neediness and never trust their true masculine core. 

I can’t be bothered typing up the whole section but basically what he says is that truthfully women won’t complain about what they want to complain about. Her telling you to clean the garage (I had no better example) is not a cry for a clean place to store the car but a warning bell that you are falling off your masculine purpose. “the contents reflects her present mood more than a careful observation of his tendencies over time” I’ve always taken criticism far too literally because I’ve been thinking at it from a masculine perspective. 

Feminine energy is not some logical beast that can easily express itself in words but rather like an ocean of currents and tides that cascade across each other. A weaker man resents this fact and hopes to change someone through suggestion and goading but a superior man embraces the chaos and conquers the ocean. 

I’ve probably gone mad with spirituality and I probably have and will be bumbling about energetic frequencies when I try to talk but dunno I think I needed this book right now. 

There’s a lot about finding your priority and mission in life that I quite like. 

“without a conscious life-purpose a man is totally lost, drifting, adapting to events rather than creating events. Without knowing his purpose a man lives in a weakened impotent existence.” 


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