Paradise Country

Sotd: Norf norf – Vince Staples. (I only put this up because it’s one of those songs you keep listening to and try as you might you still hate it, but apparently my music is too white rap and I need more black rap so here it is)
Gone are the days of strange meandering Kevin learning emotions through books and hence returns the age of politically correct, acceptable and fun for all the family Kevin. 

I’ve parked myself on the banks of some random Scottish loch to write this post because where better to write some incredible literature than at an incredible place. (for those who don’t live in Scotland we have lochs everywhere, I literally live on the banks of one and my school is in the middle of one).

Still unable to accept the fact that summer is over here in Scotland I decided to wear shorts to my adventure into the wilderness. There’s a chance I’ve caught a tick which has lymes disease so that’s a plus. 

I quite like new Kevin, balls to the wall explorer who risks death in order to look at cool views and shit like that. I climbed down a few few vertical faces clinging to heather and only thought I was gonna die twice when the rocks started sliding down the cliff face. Anyway I would love to say I got some dope photos but I was way too close to the waterfall to get anything good. 

Pretty thankful I didn’t wear my ultraboosts today, the sneaks in wearing now are pretty damn screwed. 

I start school in a few days (still not sure when I start) and I’m gonna miss being able to have all the free time to explore the countryside. I’ve done a lot of cool stuff this summer that all came from being free and ready to explore the world instead of being cooped up in some Starbucks getting coffee with the girls and bitching about life. None of its really been planned, impromptu decisions to relish in the beauty of Scotland and become one with the world (sorry had to include some Deida).

I’m not sure where I heard it but someone was talking about their obsession in life to find and capture beauty and where I laughed at them then it’s sort of refreshing for the soul to rejoin with nature and do things that contribute to vitality. 

(I know I said I’d be less woo woo this post but I’m improving, im gonna have to be weaned off the new age dogma).

I think I’ve lost my comfort zone, or perhaps I’ve decided to stop being a bitch and punishing myself for setting limits. This’ll probably be tomorrow’s post because I can’t be bothered expanding on it today. 


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