Summer ’16

I was going to write another self-righteous blog today about how I’ve dissolved my comfort zone by continually laughing at my brain’s pathetic attempts to keep me lazy. Major key if any of you care is to do some pushups really early in the morning before you do anything else, you won’t want to do it but after you’ve pushed through you’ve set a precedent in your day to do things that hurt.

Yung Lord Justin put up a video titled some rubbish but the thumbnail was “best summer of my life” the video itself wasn’t incredible (if anyone cares it’s because too little malissa) but my boy just appreciated his summer and I took some time to appreciate mine.

I’ve done a shitload of good shit this summer. Shit (sorry didn’t feel like I swore enough that sentence). Found my friends and things that make me happy, starting off with breakfast in that greasy spoon laughing about one of the greatest nights ever. I jetted off to China, lost and found myself through embracing boredom and recharged myself for coming back. I gained perspective on just how lucky I am and found the dokkodo. I’ve climbed mountains, roofs, electricity pylons and druggy dens on islands. I got chased by murderous cows and my 1 year old cousin. I found books that’ll change my life and honestly this month or so has returned my zest for life. Plus I’m also pretty much set for my next year at school having learnt most of what I need to know already.

I just have to continue this momentum for the rest of my life. Sure there’ll be points where I lose the vision and then I hope I can find inspiration in things that mean a lot to me. I’ve started reading the 50th Law by Fiddy Cent and I’m not sure what it can teach me but apparently it’s about fearlessness in life which I hope can become a path to presence and Deida’s superior man.


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