Broken Lines

Sotd: do it myself- Russ (a week or so in and I’ve already had to repeat artists, turns out my eclectic collection of music isn’t so varied – actually how about “Go Flex” by Post Malone)

Yesterday I forgot to put in a song of the day and that will serve to be the stimulus for today’s post. 

Last night in the middle of my death throes of trying out kegels (Deida says it brings new perspective to the world) breathing into my lower abdomen and listening to 8 months of gaza street I must’ve looked a state. 8 months is the new daily radio 4 drama before 11 and its kinda addicting, sure it’s a little annoying but huge revelation last night that I still can’t get over (samira is getting pimped by her husband). Anyway I remember that I haven’t done in versions in a while. I’m not sure how long because the memory doesn’t work that good but it’s been a few days. I tell myself if I try hard enough I’ll remember it the next day. 

Turns out I did just a few hours after I woke up and I realised I probably did this a lot where I thought about remembering something but just totally forgot it. I forget to read the dokkodo more meals than not, I feel like I’m always forgetting to blog and today I forgot to do my flashcards for the day. True it’s only a daily one but it bodes badly for the rest of the year. 

I used to fuck with an app called HabitBull but quit when I kept on forgetting to tick the days. Right now I’m using todoist which is just a simple checklist on your phone which is working pretty good for me. 

I might add more later but until then see ya later fools. 


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