Shades of Blue

Sotd: wake up – gnash

Yung boy started school again today and for some reason yung boy has decided to adopt the dialect of rich white Americans pretending to be have started from the bottom and who “hustle”.

One strange thing about going back to school was I realized just how many people there are in this school. Having given up on social media and texting my world shrunk down into the few people I could actually bear the text conversation with until we met up. There’s a hundred and sixty or so people in my year and honestly I’d forgotten about most of them but as soon as you start talking again you remember everything about them. 

I think I’ve gotten better in terms of charisma and not being an introvert. I arrived a little earlier for English and my old teacher should’ve been in that classroom, first instinct was to run off and grab a drink before reappearing for class but today I thought I’d pop in for a chat. He’s got a little bundle of books and puts them down, smiles warmly in a fuzzy way and reaches out with his hand, quick shake and some pleasantries then we address the real issue. I’ve talked a bit about how salty I am about getting 17/30 on my portfolio and he basically confirms my madness, it’d be way too annoying to recount his words but he tells me I’m not alone in my anger towards the SQA, and once again what started out as something else turns into me being salty about my English results. 

I’ve got other things to write but I also need things to write about for the rest of this school year so I’ll stop here and only say I really hope I can keep up the habits now I’m spending most of my waking time at school. 


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