I, The Crucible

There isn’t a real reason for my title but I misheard some lyrics and thought it would be some edgy start to a book. 

Sotd: flex – rich homie quan. 

I’ve finished my first week of school, well two days of it and I’m not sure what to think of it. First of all there’s some new kids who I haven’t really talked to about from telling one kid he’d probably end up as a cretin in a few weeks and I’m pretty sure I shoved some girl into a wall when I was trying to get to class or something so yeah glad to be making new friends. It must be awful to be a new pupil, everyone’s in their little groups and for a few weeks you have to tentively try and poke in until you eventually/hopefully get accepted but until then it’s a frolick of awful nerves and anxiety. 

I’m not sure how I’m going to go through this year, I started off excited because last year was pretty class by then I realized I had probably enshrined it and the experience was average at best, I’ve lost just about everyone I sat beside last year so herein begins the awkward transition to making new weird jokes and getting hated by teachers which I really can’t wait for. 

I got kicked out of rowing (#2 on my salt list preceded by not getting ultra boosts sooner and followed by the SQA screwing me over) but they still let me go to the morning weights sessions (and every other one of the 7 or so sessions apart from 2) so I went today, it’s weird now being one of the oldest in the club, us kids usually just hid from the scorn of the older rowers but now we are the older rowers and are actually let into the hallowed “house of pain” which to be honest is pretty mediocre but is worth it because you can play better music and not have to share weights with other people. 

I remember last year almost all my weeks ended with me walking to violin and sitting down in his little Barcelona chair and typing out a blog. Those weeks seemed to rush past and this week has been anything but quick, it’s been like exeperiencing every minute pass slowly, not sure whether or not I like living life in the slow lane but I reckon once the monotony sets in it’ll just fly by. 


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