Dancing Season

I left this one way too late and I’m at dinner with the family and yeah mother’s not keen on my being on my phone but then again I’m not keen at writing one of these down at 12am in my bed hoping father doesn’t find me looking at my phone inconspicuosly at the dead of night and thinks I’m doing any funny business. 

Eventually I gave up on writing this because dad was asking too many questions about why I was aimlessly typing into a word document and honestly got a little too close to the idea of me having a blog. 

It’s 11:00 pm now and I’m really mad because this is making me miss the fourth element or whatever that quiz show on radio 4 is. I don’t have much to say just that everything’s going well, finished soc psy for dummies started the 50th law and figured out some shit I had going on plus Mr Robot is fine af right now, promise I’ll blog a little more tomorrow. 


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