We Hate Wheat

Sotd: man down- Jeremy zucker

I actually had a bit of a pickle deciding on this title because I couldn’t be bothered accidentally making bulimia jokes because that’s not even funny, it’s sickening. 

In contrary to every good piece of advice on nutrition I’ve ever been given by the government and hoodie allen (three square meals homie gotta have breakfast) I think I’m gonna try out intermittant fasting. The idea is to basically limit all your eating to a small window of time so your body just spends the rest of the time digesting your fats and living off that. There’s too many clever people who already have good information about it so I won’t bother trying to. The most normal way is 16:8 where you fast 16 hours and eat for 8 which is just 12 till 8pm with is basically just skipping breakfast. 

This post was just honestly an annoying way for me to say that I plan on skipping breakfast for the next few weeks. We done. 

I did promise you guys a good lovely and flowing post today but I really thought this topic would’ve lasted longer rather than a few lines before I realised this fad was literally just a fancy way of people saying they skipped breakfast. 

Before I get destroyed by the Internet for the above joke I’m just messing around, mental health is serious stuff. 

I’m gonna go sit beside a stream now and think about what I did good this week and what I need to do next week plus an English essay needs to be written and what’s a better place to write it than beside a babbling brook. 


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