Pathological Failings

Sotd: something by lil uzi vert hopefully I’ll have found one by the end of this post. 

I suppose I’ll just put it out straight away, I’m a liar. Not really one of those that make up fantastical stories about what they did on holiday or invent friends or serious things that take thought to construct and continue just little white lies that really don’t matter. 

Today after coming out of English class I went to the bathroom then walked over to chemistry, teacher asks where I’ve been and I decide to blurt out that I’d been in English then hastily add I went to the bathroom afterwards. Turns out this teacher actually decided to email over and see if I was fibbing or not, well I was and apparently there’s a lovely email chain deciding whether or not to punish me. Pretty sad actually I was actually getting on well with my English teacher for a few seconds but the firebrand of liar does well to sour most relationships. 

I do this a lot, the wrong answer just slips out every now and then,. I’ll say I had pizza or something for lunch when I had a sandwich or equally trivial matters that really don’t matter so there’s really no reason to make things up. 

Perhaps it comes from my incessant hiding of my social life from my mother and I’ve just decided to tailor every answer to whatever will please whoever I’m talking to most and I’ve sacrificed the truth for a desire to be acceptable. 

I will have to fix this or it’ll ruin me in later life maybe I just have to do one of those truth things where people just say whatever comes to mind first about things and don’t hold back, though that may ruin more relationships than the actual lying.

I’ll probably update you kids in a few days with a scathing attack of my teachers and the injustice I’ve suffered and how they’ve decided to conspire against little old me but if future me ever reads this again, you deserved it. 

And ps and qs by lil uzi very is the song I chose. 


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