September Gold

I’ve had a lollipop stick in my mouth for an hour or so I think I’m trying to look like John Wayne or something but it rely isn’t working and I just seem to have a major teething problem. 

Sotd: bed peace – jhene aiko ft chance. 

After all the hyping up I have it yesterday the judgment fell through, nothing happened to me but a warning for being late for class. If I’m honest I’d say I handled the whole thing quite well, went over to my English teachers office this morning, apologized profusely, made a joke then left and avoided my chemistry teacher for as long as possible because she’s scary as shit. Honestly pretty happy with myself that I said sorry to the English teacher, I didn’t really want to because anxiety as hell but did it anyway because it was the right thing to do and I really can’t afford to be losing marks in english. 

You wouldn’t really expect a book co written by 50cent to be very good 

But turns out young 50 or Curtis something or other is a smart little guy, the book is all about bravery and overcoming fear and I dunno I quite like it. 

One quote from the book is that we love the people that scorn us and hate those who give it to us easy and young fifty was right. I talked a lot last year about my eternal hate for my biology teacher but let’s be honest I bloody loved that evil ball buster of a teacher and in turn I’ve hated every teacher who’s just let me off easy with my shit. Well there are clear exceptions to the rule like my current chemistry teacher who I’m sure I’ll never learn to love but in general I like this little quote. 

In a part of my appeasement to my English teacher in going to try make a cardboard replica of shakespeares glove for an open outcome because I’m a dirty suck up but it also should be quite fun (some kids go out and drink on a weeknight, others just like to make cardboard models).


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