Believe the Propaganda 

Yeah I have no idea how to spell propaganda, it’s a word you see a lot and read just done but when asked to spell it I can’t do it. 

Sotd: tourist – Witt Lowry

I have a horrible blog post to write about wasting time and how I’m tired of it but apparently doomedwolf now reads this and I really have to impress him becauze he might leave me and go talk to his Internet friends and tell me to drink the tasty bleach but nah I’ll just be boring. 

Actually one thing I do want to talk about is how I’m low key special. This time not really the good special, a bad sort of special. Like a “this kid must be on the spectrum somewhere” kind of special. I’ve developed a way of speaking that combines middle class English white kid, middle class white kid trying to be gangster and middle class white kid with social anxiety to create this strange blend. It’s not really showing off but I’m just more worried about how you people read this blog. I’m in hysterics whilst coming up with the jokes in this but I really don’t see how anyone else gets it. Perhaps you just read it as a case study for what happens when you give nerdy Asian kids too many rights and they’re not afraid of being bullied. I smile a bloody lot, have little laughs to myself and mutter a lot to myself how anyone bears me eluded me. Perhaps no one does and they only speak to me to get the homework answers – equally feasible. 

Have I changed since I took my trip to china, perhaps, maybe? Probably not, eventually we all revert to an average that we’re comfortable with. I do have better habits if I’m honest and that’s all that separates the rabble and the others. There was a pretty interesting video on it in registration but I was too busy trying to act cool during it that I missed most of it, I think at this point reading more self improvement books is just a matter of repetition. Some kid was talking about “the secret” today and I haven’t read it but I could basically bullshit that I had because most manifestation books (think and grow rich) all have the same things but just parceled in different ways because everyone figures things out in a different way. 

Turns out I have changed, margeret one of the more cogent elderly people whom I serve failed to recognize me today and gave me advice on how to talk to people (apparently the secret is to talk to a lot of people and size up the population but apparently people are getting better at talking to others. 


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