Reach the Sun

Sotd: Babylon – Half the animal 

Minorly salty about the fact that the last two times I’ve visited this bakery it’s been closed. I doubt any of you will remember it but I mentioned it a while ago when they gave me a free pie and I thanked them profusely and mentioned some Jewish rabbi a few months ago. Anyway apparently theyve decided to not open on a Thursday or Friday at 4ish for some strange reason that must make strong fiscal sense. Fear not though punters of a hot pie, they’re open 24 hours on a Saturday so if the need strikes at 4 in the morning go grab a pie but a kid who stays in school and doesn’t do bad things can’t grab one after school. 

What to talk about today? You’d think with a few hundred days under my belt I’d have written most of the things that need to be written and I’d agree, all I’m doing now is parcel long old ideas into nice little packages that actually make a little sense compared to the jargonous mass of text my posts used to be. 

I think I had a post called “to read or not to read” which was basically me lamenting the fact that whilst I read I could barely remember the principles or things I’ve learnt and perhaps I should just stop. I wasn’t wrong to be honest, I don’t really learn much from books, perhaps I can retain 1% of the knowledge but it hit me the other day as I got shouted at for being an awful person and preferring philosophy to friends (Deida taught me to pay no heed to it but I’m interested in this bit) that it really didn’t matter that I only incorperated a little bit, it’s still 1% more than I would’ve gotten if I didn’t read it. 

Something I used to think about was the magic bullet, the diet pill, the instant success. I craved it, the one idea/app/practise that would put you into stardom. 50 talks about this in his book, there is no reliable way to get amazing results fast and I think reading more would teach me that. Honestly it is monotonous and tedious but we all need a bit more tedium in our lives. Technology and the rise of everything that ruins attention spans is creating zombies who don’t even know themselves. 

I think that’s why meditation is meant to be so useful, it’s tedious, it’s boring and through it you discover and embrace your boredum (make love to it as Deida would say) and I really think that’s something we all need to do. I tried in China but I didn’t go far enough, one of these days I’m just going to have to bore myself to death and see what happens. 


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