Bumping: Shaking

Tried to be real edgy with the title on this one and who knows whether or not it’ll work. 

Sotd: you and me – Marc e bassy or if I’ve done that before make it home – hoodie sullen (very white music today).

I’ve told this story twice already today but since repetition is the father of habit I’ll say it again. 

Frequent readers of the blog (if they even exist) will remember I had that period where I decided it would be clever if I titled every post with a g-eazy lyric, I think this started a few months ago when I heard someone say in a video that anyone who doesn’t listen to Gerald isn’t cool so I started. This is before me, myself and I came out, perhaps when “you don’t own me” came out but I think before then. Since then young Gerald has made it, most people know who the guy is and it kinda makes me mad. 

Apparently he performed at the VMAs and got curved by some woman (some really famous female singer whose name eludes me now) and everyone’s talking about it, then someone tells me off for pronouncing his name without the dash in the middle, I was actually pretty salty about this, young man was listening to G before Gerald got G. 

I really had nothing better to write about than this so there was the story. 

Let’s talk about prejudice (0 to 100d it there) but not really that weird human rights stuff because I don’t know enough about that to blog about it. Just to be honest our opinions of others. Social psychology for dummies. Told me that we have our views and we will do anything to confirm them. Confirmation bias will search out things that confirm our views of people, things and places.if you believe you think someone is untrustworthy you will only think about times they’ve broken your trust instead of the myriad times they’ve helped you and so on. 

This isn’t really aimed at anyone but perhaps myself, I seem to inherited my father’s incredible abilities of screening out everything that doesn’t confirm his world view which can work to my detriment so I think I need to work on that one. 

I am concerned with having too many things to work on and inadvertantly failing them all. I think I need to choose just a couple things and get into the rhythm with them before I try anything major. 


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