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sotd: idk – devvon tyrell

I would’ve called this one “hunger diaries” but apparently sad depressive titles don’t do too well on the blogosphere.

day 3 or so of the hunger diaries and I had a good think as I walked to the post office to grab myself a pack of m and ms in order to break my fast. I was promised extra smartness and stupid gains so I could become a freakbeast and I’m not sure but I think it’s working.

I used to be constantly hungry but staving off food for the first few hours of the day is actually quite satisfying, I remember my friend told me once in s1 “I quite like not eating, there’s a nice sensation in your stomach of starving” and yeah I get where he was coming from. Before you all call anorexia-watch and report me I’m still eating a tonne, I had three donuts, a chocolate bar for breakfast, then half a pizza for lunch and a huge dinner (never did get those m and ms) now I think this might all be a crock of shit because there’s no way I’m being healthy eating all that but if some man on the internet said it it must be true.

Eh I don’t have much to say, maybe a little progress report. My cardboard model/appeasement project is coming along okay but is driving me mad, I’m learning flight of the bumblebee (for the 29348th time) but this time I’ve actually made a bit of progress, self loathing’s pretty low and I just spent the last half hour or so laughing at some rich kid with a shody blog because no matter how much money mummy and daddy give you, you can’t beat writing stupid amounts of word on the internet (said rather hypocritically as I sit in my middleclass home after private school and enjoys rowing (RIP) and piano)


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