View of Space

sotd: kerosene dreams –  x ambassadors

Things are never really as good as you remember them to be. I’ve lamented my mother’s decision to give me a single duvet on my double bed before and I really thought it was a horrible experience, I literally thought that if I had it replaced by a double duvet my life stisfaction would probably double. Well I replaced it yesterday and let’s be honest it’s bloody awful. Double beds are meant for poor couples working on their grind and then being forced to cuddle in bed before waking up at 6 to gym together the next day not for some semi-obese (according to my BMI that is) asian kid who just ends up muffled by it.  One of the best experiences in life is poking your leg out the covers when you’re dying of overheating and that is now lost to me as I continually lose my leg within the folds of these oppressive covers.

I’m also in continuous pain now. My cutting of endless pieces of cardboard seems to have given my elbow a rare type of RSI where I wince every time I make another slash. My continued fingering of the piano has left my forearm destroyed everyday and for some reason my hamstrings still haven’t healed from wednesday.

Do I have much to say today? Not really too busy stressing about things to do, well not really stressing just impatient to get started with my day. There’s a new video from Todd entitled something along the lines of if you hate texting watch this, I can feel the clickbait emanting from it but if it works to heal my malady I’ll be happy.

I think the reason I really don’t like texting is because I feel as if I literally have to either be someones best text friend or not even bother, literally 100 or 0. I think it’s some weird insecurity thing (so insecure about it I have to preface it with “weird”) where I require the validation and if it doesn’t happen I have to run away from the world of internet messaging.

Honestly I’m trying to just fill up on words but I’ll finish here and go unleash my anger on unsuspecting pieces of cardboard and cut them up mercilessly.



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