Losing Control

Sotd: bout time – soy sauce x lil aaron

I think it’s ended, the worst two days of my life. (I say it jokingly I’d hope that I’ve had worse days than this). Anyway during registration scary man who’s in charge of new teachers came in and took me to the corridor to give me a bollocking. Actually be was pretty nice about it and decided not to give me a detention because he’s decided that he’s a good person and thus won’t give out such things. 

Totally thought I was in the clear. Then the head comes stirring down the playground at break making a beeline for me. I’m to see him at lunch and this time he doesn’t look happy. 

It transpires that he’s decided to punish me anyway and titles the detention “a list of offences” which includes rudeness and smartarsery to a teacher, lying to another one, using a staff bathroom (honestly I didn’t even realize it was staff, just thought it was a bathroom that no one knew about) and having my top button undone. 

Honestly I’m a little mad. Having been tossed around for a week or so (beginning with the chemistry) threatened with 3 separate detentions and getting private tellings off with teachers all I got was a detention. For all the trauma inflicted on me I got a punishment that you get for having a phone on in school. If I was chewing gum I would’ve got a more severe punishment than this, getting caught not wearing a tie out of school would’ve resulted in the same sentence but instead I’m left with some uneasy feeling and enough warnings to stop the next world war. 

I think I’ll finish here because I can’t be bothered typing anymore and I’m just done with the day to be honest. Peace, hopefully I won’t get another day of soul destruction tomorrow. (ps totally not crying writing this, to be honest I’m pretty happy with myself right now (well if I lost 14 pounds I’d be a little happier))


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