We All Good

Sotd: hit or miss – Jacob Sartorious. I know Jacob is the internets bitch but I’ve actually been listening to this one, maybe it’s just me trying to be “edgy” but it sounds like the music I’ve been listening to recently ie trash. 

I’m happy. Well at least in this moment and the last few moments of this day I’ve been cogent I’ve been pretty happy. Watching me singing whilst cleaning up the tables some old woman commented that “you must really love your job if you can sing whilst you do it” and yeah I suppose I was. 

I’ve read things about people saying that be happy in periods of hardship because that just means you’ll have an incredible bit after it. After a week or so of constant dread I feel free, of fear, commitment and death, nothing really terrifies me as much as what I experienced recently. 

Do I have much to say? Only that big moves are being made and I’m real excited to see where I go from here. 

Signing out kiddos, come back tomorrow for more ramblings from an Asian kid


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