Tip Them Off

Sotd: let’s go – khalid. Totally just hypebeasting this but escalona plugged it so Iike it. Of course Jacob sartorious is still ever present in my mind but I couldn’t do a repeat, not even for the greatest song of all time. 

Why daily? That’s not actually the question I’m posing today because I’ve discussed it numerous times. Let’s be honest, most of these posts are just self righteous trash that I write to fulfill some mystical quota that serves no discernible purpose yet apart from making a” cool” opener and instantly confirming all the Asian stereotypes. 

Every now and then lightning strikes and I write a fire post, I’d say I’ve only got a handful of these but it makes the rubbish worth it. 

I read once that writers should just write everyday no matter what and that one day inspiration strikes and you just flow instead of waiting dully for whatever “inspiration” really is. 

I’m not saying I’m really someone who’s received divine inspiration, there’s other bloggers who can write me under the ground, other daily bloggers whose feats astound and wordplay is flowing like the galapagos (sorry had to stick in the post Malone quote) but whatever I’m doing what I’m doing and liking it somewhat. 

More on the hunger diaries. This is my fourth or so day of beating my appetite until lunch. I missed the weekend because fryups are way too good to miss currently but I’ve noticed a few things. One is that my willpower to refuse good is actually pretty high before I break the fast, after that its no holds barred and I’ll eat literally everything and anything. Around 2pm my head was spinning and felt weird, I’m not sure how to liken it but it’s a little uncomfortable, perhaps to liken it to a 2 beer buzz is appropriate but I think that’s just last night’s blood glucose getting used up and the food being digested not working fast enough, I feel normal now. 

I seem to have my sharpness, I’m a little slower in class, getting less “aha” moments and feeling a little slow, perhaps I’m just judging myself too much. Also my patter has fallen to pre-2016 levels so bad that it gets remarked on. 

I reckon after a few days my body will get used to it and start more catabolism and regulate my energy levels but until then I’m sorry if I come off a little dazed. 


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