Dreaming With Our Eyes Open

Sotd: dreaming with our eyes open – Witt Lowry. Witt is my angry song guy because I’m never quite mad enough for Vince staples but I still feel annoyed so I turn to angry white people. 

I’m not actually mad right now, sort of happy and ready for a weekend of listening to music and editing videos with little or no homework. Problem is my computer is probably way too slow to do it but whatever I’ll try and if all else fails I’ll use that awful desktop we have. 

I chose this song because I had a dream last night. I dream every night but last night was extra messed up plus I actually remember it, well the good parts. 

It was one of those dreams inside a dream. My innermost dream was that I was at some old Persian ruin, I had decided to go exploring and had somehow managed to turn up in some abandoned cavern or so I thought. I could still somehow talk to the tour guide on the outside and she had told me that no one had been there in millenia. I turn a corner and there’s a huge modern interior, like a massive open plan house built into the ruin. I explore a bit and discover a plot of land, it’s covered in potatoes, like there’s just tonnes of potatoes planted in a modern house in a Persian ruin. 

I immediately deduce that its a mafia scheme to produce really enriched soil by planting potatoes that they can then sell for something. This is where I start forgetting and it just seems confusing. I wake up from the first dream and within my second dream I start writing down a plan of this fantastic story, I get out of bed and begin to take notes ready to write a stupid good story that’ll win a pulitzer. 

I wake up and begin to question my sanity, how could I ever have thought that modern potato farming would make a thrilling story but that’s how cool out minds are, we can literally make ourselves believe anything. So yeah I just turned a story about my potato dreams into a life lesson. Word. 

I’ll finish here because lazy as hell and wanna try listening to podcasts again, I’ve stopped for the last few months because music has been way too lit and so has youtube. 


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