Oversized Sweaters

sotd- in love -Hendersin

Number one on the agenda let’s talk about my habits. For the last two weeks or so I did 20 pressups when I woke up in the morning. I hate doing pressups when half awake because your body just doesn’t respond and most of the time I’d just end up doing them from my knees on the bed (thank god they’re the only thing I do on my knees in bed) last friday or wednesday I didn’t do it because I was going to have to go to the gym in half an hour anyway. Mistake. I haven’t done them since. Unfortunately I only just realised it this morning and did them whilst brushing my teeth, anyway I don’t have much to say but just don’t skip days. 20 extra pushups every now is worth not losing your streaks.

Number two is the human fear of progress, this is just me being annoying and giving it some esoteric title but I was offered a stupid good opportunity a few days ago and contrary to my belief that I would jump on any opportunity I kinda just procrastinated my way into it only being saved by my task list that annoyingly reminded me that I was letting my chance slip away. Now I’ve got it all set up I’m procrastinating starting it. I want to wait until it’s perfect, when I’ve got everything figured out and planned everything, I really shouldn’t be doing this or I’ll just drag it out for weeks. I’ll probably force myself to do it tomorrow and I’ll update you kids and actually say what it is (I promise it’s not drug dealing).

Today I bought my first oversized sweater and oh my god was it the best decision I’ve ever made. See I’ve always had fat issues (edit- because doomedwolf thinks I actually have weight issues and is going to stop roasting me about it for fear I’ll jump off a building is like to add I didnt actually have fat issues, I was too busy eating too think that much) and young man always wanted those skinny ass jumpers that showed I wasn’t actually fat, I even refused to wear some hilfiger jumper because I didn’t like the fit. Anyway some days ago I realised oversized jumpers were cool and the only person who needs to know I have a banging body is me so got my first large size jumper today and damn the thing is damn comfortable. I think justin and his style influenced it a lot and I kinda like the baggy ass sleeves, makes my butt look better. Anyway not much to write about it apart from the fact I’m really comfy right now.


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