Wrap My Brain

sotd: saved – khalid. I try not to repeat artists but god damn is this guy good, been grooving (couldn’t think of a better adjective) to this for the last few days.

So I started the next step in my blogging life today, I’m now a writer for a bigger blog site and I’m totally not going to say which one it is because I’m a dick like that and I’m not sure whether or not I’ll continue with it. It’s not like Huffington post or anything incredibly big like that but I think it’ll be interesting and I want to see where this goes. Also I’m not entirely convinced that it’s not a huge ponzi scheme trying to siphon off my creative energy to produce a set of evil blogger clones to bore everyone to death and eventually conquer the world.

I have realised that I don’t really have very efficient days, most of yesterday was wasted and I didn’t really get as much as I expected to get done as I did (I think that sentence made sense) but I dunno I think I’m doing okay, perhaps not reading as much as I’d like but yeah. Anyway I’ve just spent an hour or so perfecting the blog post on the other site so I’m tanked so I’m just gonna give up here and go ruin myself with some exercise. Hope you had a fabby weekend kids. 🙂



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