Moonlit Exposure 

Sotd: it’s on again – Kendrick lamar. Trying to be cool with a Kendrick song but it’s from spiderman so who knows, perhaps they even each other out. 

I’ll just write things here that I’m listening to and trying to put into words, you people will probably hate this but I need to write it down and also need a blog post so two birds, one stone. 

We get a lot of public service announcements and information about how smoking is bad for us, how junk food is horrible for us and how we should all be doing exercise. In spite of all this information how are we all becoming fat and unhealthy and chain smoking? 

We’re quick to judge people who indulge themselves in junk food or drink way too much. 

We think that not being overweight is a subject of education, people who are fat are just ignorant about the messages that we all get. We laugh at the obese doctors, we don’t give them credit about knowing about their own subjects because they’re overweight, how dare they tell us what is correct when they themselves are doing badly. 

We make poor decisions that lead to bad health not because we don’t have enough knowledge but because we don’t have the control to resist them. For example women know on average more than men on sun tanning problems but on average at more likely to use sunbeds, there’s a complete non-correlation here.

Perhaps I’ll turn this into an English essay, probably not I already have two plans and I was passionate about this topic for a solid 2 minutes and then JRE ended so I’m now apathetic to it. 


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