Doing Well Making Friends

Sotd: WiFi wifey – nick bean for that pseudo Jacob sartorious feeling. 
Rationality isn’t true. 

I thought I’d just write these notes down because this is an English essay I quite like, something that ties together a lot of things ive been reading and thinking about lately. 

“as copernicus unseated the earth from the center of the universe kahneman dispells the myth of humans as paragons of logic” a total butchering of a quote from the back of Daniel Kahnemans thinking fast and slow. 

Meeting new people is a fear we all have, fear of rejection. Is it logical to fear talking to a new person? Logically no but we will do almost anything to not do it. 

Discuss the human logical biases such as believing we are all above average which seems to contradict a fact. Or rationalization about facts that get clouded upon reflection. 

Talk about the limbic system or the pri native lizard brain that creates emotions based on experiences we used to have. 

Relate to previous blog post about people not making logical choices but less criticising and more showing the irrationality. 

Think about when you’ve said you want something consciously but you unconsciously don’t actually want it. If you want to get fit but don’t do anything to try and achieve it. Like a new years resolution

We all have our own self concepts of who we are. (commitment consistency bias) our subconscious will always pull us back to this self image of themselves. 

People who are hooked on happiness when faced with bad news will quickly revert to happiness. Grouchy people who experience good news will revert to angriness. Ie people who take grouchy aunt’s in holiday who are happy for a few seconds but then return to complaining about everyrhing. 

Habit gets ingrained day after day, humans are creatures of habit. 

I’ll find more sources of this kind of information and I’ll write some more in a few days. 


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