Double Charge Me

Sotd: two shots – goody grace ft gnash

Turns out I have a cussing problem, not like a casual expletive every now and then but more of a stacato punctuation with actual words interspaced between them whilst I don’t actually have a problem with people swearing, it’s sort of similar to people always saying “like” between every like word but like it’s just a kinda filler thing like when you don’t know what to say. Then again a year or two ago I used to visibly flinch whenever someone said the C word and I’m still way too scared to type it right now. 

What lil dicky (incredible name, even better rapper) taught me today was to not jump to conclusions. In his soulful ballad “ex-boyfriend” he describes meeting his girlfriend’s ex whom he describes as having a dick so big he had to move his head to see it end to end but it turns they dated in 2nd grade and she had never seen his member. I honestly don’t have much to say about jumping to conclusions I just thought I needed to justify the title because it just came to me and I thought I’d try and not seem to weird naming my post after a phallus but ended up talking about more phalli. 

What to talk about? Well for one I’ve no idea what I’m doing in school these days, well not really I know I’m working but I dunno I just have this confused sense of the whole thing, it seems good as a whole but for some reason everything just seems a little jumbled. I think I’ve gotten a bit more cleverer than my stupored state of the last few weeks but things still aren’t clicking as expected. Anyway I realised I should just melt my brain to mush every day in a hope it fixes my brain somehow through continuous trauma. 

Ending because I have to feed old people now. 


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