Topic of Conversation 

Sotd: castles – elias abid

Would’ve called this post “waste my time” but I’m pretty sure I’ve already called something that and I really didn’t want to feature another russ song. 

Let’s talk about wasting time. Redbeard talks a lot about the subject, laughing at all the people in the world who waste this precious resource, the one thing we can’t really buy more of. I think being young is like being really rich, not really minding that you’re wasting hours of time like you can freely buy whatever you want but for someone with little time you begin to value it a lot more.

I know I’ve started caring about my time more this year. I’ll do stupid things like wake up half an hour early to play violin in order to schedule things nicer or go home before volunteering to get some work done in 20 minutes before running off to feed the elderly. On the other hand of all this I sat on the toilet binging daily docs and David dobrik (well spent about 20 minutes) but other times I’ll just frivolously waste my time as if I don’t really need it. 

We seem to have this different views on how important time is based on how busy we are, but our feeling of business changed between days. Us human really aren’t clever things, at different moments we value things differently, when I’m angry I’ll be disgusted at the idea of talking to people but when I’m happy I’ll love it. It’s the same person I just have a different filter about them. 

Anyway (notice how I end almost all my posts with anyway) I think I’m doing well, things are splitting together nicely, which in my life means something is about to go seriously wrong so watch out for that screaming crying blog post I write in a week or so. 


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