Raise and Roast

Sotd: one, two, three – Hendersin

I don’t really have much to say today, I kinda just sat at home and did my maths challenge, went out a few hours for Chinese school and then training for some odd badminton league of Asians in Edinburgh and yeah. So let’s talk about some weird thing that happened to me a few nights ago. 

I go to bed, everything’s pretty normal. Got Radio 4 playing with a 1 hour sleep timer, my stupidly oversized orange tee that doesn’t have sleeves that fit properly so I can’t wear normally and my pajama shorts that everyone thinks are boxers. 

I don’t remember how I slept but according to my watch it was 6 or so hours. I wake up in the morning, there’s a thumping pain in my ear that I’ve had for a week or so now which is some weird recurring viral thing that me and my dad have but what’s weird is I’m topless. I swore that I had a shirt on the night before. In my stupor I kinda pawed around looking for my shirt in an effort to preserve my modesty and I find it crumpled under my pillow. It’s drenched, the rest of my bed is a lovely bone dry but the shirt is just sodden. 

Now I’ve had night terror/sweat things before which are usually prompted by some ethanol consumption but I didn’t feel sweaty or had I drank anything the night before (contrary to popular belief I don’t actually go out on week nights) so yeah that was scary. 

People who get mad easily make me laugh. I don’t really get mad, if anything I get on tilt and just everything goes wrong. I gave my friend my phone this morning to antagonize a frenemy thing and whilst he knew we were joking he got stupid mad, caps lock and all. The same happens with mum if someone even honks in the vicinity she just gets mad, like the hulk, just yellower and not fat. 

We done. 


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