Moonlit Atlanta

Sotd: keep it moving – Russ

I got the cold sweats again last night.

Apparently doing maths problems is no substitute for socializing so mum kicked me out the house last night in order to meet my friends. Of course she thought I was going to see a film but I decided to go to blackford #38494. Blackfords some hill in Edinburgh where teens go to awkwardly socialize and get pissed every now and again, most them are pretty bad but we keep going in hope of a good one. 

Most of my friends were going to a little gathering but I couldn’t really be bothered going to that shagathon having no one to shag and not being a fan of tuna (if you get that joke please dm I need more people who appreciate my humour) so I thought I’d bford. 

Surprisingly it was pretty good, met some new kids, had a solitary shot and found an iPhone 7 which was dope. 

Anyway I woke up this morning clammy and icky, for some reason my body had decided expunge that one unit of alcohol through my pores instead of just taking it like a real man, my pussy ass liver just said “na lol” and decided to not do its job. 

Sort of lacking in things to say here. One thing I want to talk about is my gradual decline in productivity. When I started a month or so ago I’d be doing everything, destroying those pullups, itching for more pistol squats and just generally beasting it, nowadays I do it one set each when I remember it maybe two if I’m good. It’s good that I keep up the habit of doing at least a set but I always seem to be doing the minimum, gonna try fix this somehow. 

I used to sit in bed a lot and just scroll through my social media, endlessly. I would find things to do and just end up finishing at 2 or so in the morning. I would wake up lethargic and dead but I still did it a lot even though it basically ruined the next day. What I’ve realised now is that I would much rather have a good day than have that 3 hours of extra dopamine hitting my brain, Kevin is finally learning to control his desire and resist the temptation. Plus he’s always sleep deprived so sleep is a must anyways. My pebble says my average sleep this week has been 7 hours 26 minutes a night which isn’t exactly optimal for a teen so I’m going to need to try and fix that. 


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