Shots Like Kobe

sotd: morning in america – Jon Bellion. I’ve somehow managed to miss this song out of my binging of JB but I just found it and like it so here it is.

This will be the second post I’ve written with a pair of shorts on my head. I suppose that just about sums up my day if I’m honest. Like typical white people the government just decided anything would be a decent excuse so we got a 3 day weekend because it’s the middle of September. Anyway I’m pretty happy about that, got a lot of work done and working through some problems.

One was that I really hated doing pullups, not like the actual process of doing a pullup or the pain that came with it, I just really didn’t like hoisting myself into the air because I didn’t like the action. Anyway I watched this video months ago about doing pullups with only you ring finger and pinky and damn they’re fun, you can actually feel them working your bicep so yeah totally like doing them now but as a result my forearms are wrecked.

I actually managed to text someone for a sustained period of time, sure I took about 30 minutes between every message but it’s an improvement on hoping the notification will disappear one day.

I got a call today when my mum sent me out to get some vitamin D so I don’t shrivel into a intellectual prune. I had as a joke-ish thing applied for a job selling phones in a nearby store a few weeks ago, I emailed in and yeah my resume was just pretty funny I’ll quote a bit below:


Young, energetic and really desperate for a job

Trying to get a job at 16 with approximately 0 years experience and not being hot enough to be a model was always going to be tough, I knocked up a CV for you guys which I hope can inspire you to hire me.

This may seem like it was done as a joke but because of my dearth of experience and acumen I needed something to polarise you into either sending a scathing reply or instantly hiring me because it gave you a little laugh.

Skills and Interests

  • Huge fan of Android phones and software, listener of Android Central for a few years. Also don’t mind an occasional apple product.  

  • Social, outgoing and chatty. Scourge of teachers, loved by pupils. I also have possess a high sense of social acuity and will know when customers just want to be left alone.

They must be really desperate if they’re offering that an interview.

As I die of a hacking cough and drowning in work, because apparently I’m bad at allotting and excellent at procrastination I bid you adieu.


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