Hillary and Bill

Sotd: wild things – alessia cara. Funny story behind this, probably the only funny story on today’s blog post. I found this first on a Gerald remix and then found the original song which is literally a white girl anthem about being a dirty hipster but I liked it because teen spirit anyway I walk into school listening to it, on spotify, on the free version so it was on an album of remixes and no offence to you potential DJ’s but most remixes are utter dog shit and yeah I got major judged when someone stuck in an earbud to a EDM mix of the whitest song ever. (that really wasn’t an entertaining story but by the end of this it’ll seem like the greatest essay ever written).

Trying to start writing at 9am isn’t very clever, for one I’ve only been up for an hour or so and the brain juices aren’t exactly flowing right now. Plus I had breakfast today (shock) so I no longer have that weird starved child alertness I should have so I’m going to stop here for now partly because I don’t have anything to say partly because school just started. 

Let’s talk about aversion to success it’s something I’ve heard about and something I kinda understood but I reckon I have it in some weird form. At the cusp of success or whatever you just choke and lose it. I think it’s just not wanting whatever change comes with winning, preferring the safe and sound of staying the same.

Perhaps this is just some impromptu feeling that’s come out of my feelings in the moment and. I’m hardly depressed right now, pretty buzzed to be honest but the thought came across so I thought I’d write it down. 

I’m sure it’s some sort of selection bias where I’ve decided to discount every time I’ve done well and only focus on the times I almost reached the top but what are we if not walking lumps of biases (poetic, beautiful, deserves a pulitzer).


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