Radio Bae

Sotd: ten thousand hours – macklemore. I only put this one up because I like the little bit in the middle of this were some random woman screeches the chorus. 

Just had my interview, surprisingly fun actually, just a lot of laughs and me pretending to sell someone my own phone plus getting asked about how cool I am which I of course answered incredibly because egotistical as hell. 

I love manifest by russ and honestly it seems like it’s happening. I’m happier and brighter, after dozens of classes of biology my teacher has somehow inferred that I’ve learnt the course beforehand and decided I need extensions, I would say I aced the interview and yeah things are going well. Except dreading going home today to violin, piano, death and flashcards, oh well I’ll get through it all somehow. 

I would say I have my rhythm back. Having learnt my new dance moves from russ and khalid which involve head bobbing and winding your hands around your head I find myself doing it a bloody lot of the time which is great fun and everybody thinks I’ve finally snapped (not yet but close).

Anyway shoutout to Neb who almost bloody died today and just to remember to appreciate people while they’re still around, some day they might not be around anymore. (I kinda took it as a joke when he said the bus he almost got on exploded but I realize I should’ve taken it a little more seriously)

As the nonagenerian at the care home said to me tonight.  Be happy in the moment, live and that’s all you can do.” 


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