Kheema Nan

Sotd: you and your friends – wiz khalifa. I got into wiz not out of choice but out of necessaity. In my phase of Asian kid trying to be black I wanted black rap. I forfeited biggy and Kendrick for wiz and big sean (who funnily enough isn’t even very big) and yeah it’s like the only “rap” I can actually “rap” to. 

Another week has ended and yeah it’s pretty scary that we only have 52 of these a year and only a few dozen years in our lives, thing goes by damn quick and we don’t appreciate that enough. Anyway I feel like this year has just flown past. It feels like only yesterday when it was Christmas and I was reconnecting with friends from camp and seeing what we’d done since the year before. Well I think I’ve done a lot in the months since then, just didn’t really appreciate it until I got to a point where I was focussing on when I’ve done. 

In citizenship (the class that drums into our young minds what it means to be an efficient slave to society) we were watching a video on rape. I’m not going to get into it because I don’t type well and some freudian slip will have me saying that I wholly support rapists (or some social justice warrior snips the last few words of that sentence in blind, keyboard malice).

Anyway what peeved me off was some girl saying “before getting this additional information I thought this of a situation, now with the information, looking back I realize I saw the situation differently.” Having encountered this new information she decided that her earlier perception was wrong and that she was now right. Actually thinking about it that’s what I would recommend, taking in new information and adjusting your views. 

Damn well whatever I think she was really annoying and I just wanted to be annoyed at her, that’s something that I don’t like, assuming everything someone you don’t like does is bad because you don’t like them. 

Hah. Got the last word in there. Goodbye. 


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