Chiropractic Dreams

sotd: white dude – lil dicky. I found lil dicky years ago when he did that save dat money video that was semi viral and yeah I heard about him a few months ago and checked out his discography and he does funny, skit rap type stuff. “Jewish Flow” is just about as outrageous and white dude is racist and sexist but pulled off masterfully because lil dicky has a way with words and makes you laugh instead of grabbing your social justice pitchforks.

I got the title of today’s post from my violin teacher’s neighbour, never met the guy/girl/zhe but the tag on the flat buzzer thing is “small boehm” which I thought was the funniest thing. Using this incredible jumping off point let’s talk about my bum.

As an asian male I was never really expecting to get many compliments about my butt but apparently it’s rather cracking, now I had previously thought that it was a result of my constant ‘seltering’ and the 20 squats I did a week but one morning at 6:15am watching athleanX I discovered that in fact it wasn’t really a good thing.

I’ve always had a really curved back, like yeah your back is meant to have a gentle s in it but mine is more like a question mark. (well it’s nothing like a question mark but it has a big ass curve) and I thought this was just due to em, I have no idea how I justified it but there it was and I didn’t really mind.

I also am shockingly unflexible around my hips and can’t thrust/twerk properly.

Anyway that morning the guy on the YouTubes told me I had anterior (or posterior who cares) pelvic tilt so basically my butt sticks out too much and causes my spine to curve way too much and yeah I’m trying to fix that with stretches and walking like a normal person (apparently I’ve been walking wrong my whole life) so yeah I suppose the next few weeks is going to be me trying to fix my pelvic tilt and get a small boehm.



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