Miracle Juice

Sotd: cocoa butter kisses – chance the rapper. 

So as it turns out apple cider vinegar is basically miracle juice, the thing literally does everything better sleep, more energy, makes you lose weight and some more rubbish I found on the internet. 

It’s nearly 2pm and I’m still in bed, well that’s a lie. I’ve already been up, had breakfast, done my violin, flashcards and that’s about it, little shocked by my lack of productivity today but I don’t really have much to do, finesse an English essay, write a speech in Chinese of a few hundred words and a reading, should be great fun. 

I don’t usually dream a lot, or at least I didn’t realize I used to dream. The past few nights have literally just been light shows where I’ve dreamt of fantastical situations and some things that almost felt like reality, actually it was pretty damn cool, I mean I’ve forgotten them all now but at the time and the few minutes before I forgot them they were pretty cool. 

Anyway I’m pretty low energy right now and I still have a bloody badminton later. I was going to write about this yesterday and I had a whole plan formulated as I died on a badminton court at 9 because Asian parents are sadistic and apparently I don’t need sleep.

The fact I didn’t really do any work yesterday because mum thought it would be fun to bring back friends she met whilst shopping and thus not let me do anything from 5 ish till 10 was pretty sad but I still banged out half an English essay on my phone whilst pretending to listen to a friend who I still can’t really talk to. 

Finishing up here because I need to actually start working today and have at least a pretence of being productive. 
Actually I realise I may just be cold, I still insist on shorts and a tshirt even though its autumn in Scotland which is fucking baltic. 


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