My Friend the Sea

Sotd: noah – amber run. Used to quite like this band because my friend liked it and at heart I’m a sheep so I liked it but now they’re kinda too vanilla but I mind this song the least so here it us. 

“>Woe is me, who has to sit in private study without anything to study nor any privacy as the man at the computer has scary software that can see everything that happens on my computer screen so I’m hiding this post at the bottom of my english essay, woe will also be me if he catches me or if I forget to delete this and hand it in with the rest of my english essay.
>I asked someone I’m sitting beside to come up with a topic because at this point I’m way too tired to function. My tablespoon of honey and splash of vinegar has done little in the way of providing energy for my day and yeah crash is incoming. Then again I am expecting a larger crash in life just generally because good things never last (look at the nihilism just seeping from my words here). Anyway a quick peruse of Reddit and I’m to talk about raining fireworks. Actually Reddit terrifies me, I’ve never really been on the site, perhaps once or twice to read some review on some joggers (because apparently reddit has a great section on male streetwear fashion so yeah I’ve done that) but I remember I mentioned it to my friend once in class when I was around 14. My teacher literally leapt up and said “Boys never go on reddit” bear in mind we were seated at the back a good few metres away from him, whispering as quietly as my shouty voice can do but he still heard the trigger word. Now I would be inclined to believe anything this man says because he once had to piss out a gallstone the size of a hazelnut and honestly that is probably the most courageous thing I’ve ever heard and also the reason I drink gallons of water every day for fear I one day develop a gallstone. >Anyway the topic was raining fireworks which looking back may also be a euphemism for something terribly insidious and as a young naive child all I think it is is some kids watching a fireworks display by the banks of a waterfall with the stars out and everyone’s just happy. That’s what I think of when I think of raining fireworks. What do you think of? Perhaps that’s the moral of today’s post, perhaps moral is the wrong word. When we hear something what do each of us as individuals think of? We’ve all had different experiences, attachments to different words so it stands to reason we all imagine and picture each word differently. When I hear snake, for example, I think of NoobSlayer because literal embodiment but I used to think of scary reptiles that abhor the sun, are scaly and will try and choke you to death (still noobslayer if I’m honest)– only saying this because senpai left me and me butthurt 😦 I have three minutes left of this oh so pointless of lessons so I’ll finish here because tenacity and patience have run dry and goodbye (nice rhyming couplet there)

Also just going to pretend I posted this yesterday and my almost perfect streak is yet again ended. 


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