Majoring in Minors

Sotd: I’m yours – Justine Skye because I dunno kinda started listening to her yesterday and she’s quite good and vic mensa is lovely but raps too much about police brutality which I really can’t get into because wrong minority for that. 

I can’t actually remember where this quote comes from but to be honest the only two quality sources of information I actually listen to is Red beard and a bit of DJ khaled if it accidentally gets loaded on Snapchat and I really have nothing to do. 

What it means isn’t that some people specialize in children because that’s terrifying and scary and should definitely be reported immediately. 

Na it’s about people sweating the small stuff (I hate that phrase after that awfully cringey tv show with Grimmy) I’m at that age where every little detail seems to freak people out, an eyelash being out of place, phrasing of a text or even a snide glance we get. My dad has it a lot, he freaks out if the kitchen door isn’t closed, if you draw the blinds shut too quickly or speak a little too loudly in public. I have them to, I wouldn’t dare assume I’m faultless, I hate texting and freak out over every message and I’m sure there’s tonnes more but I can’t really think properly right now. 

I do feel a little didatic as I continually tell people how they should be as a mildly autistic 16 year old Asian but i really think it’s quite funny when we ignore the big problems and just freak out about the tiny little details in life. It’s literally the ultimate sign of white privilege. On the subject of white privilege after watching a few h3h3 videos on triggered feminists I’ve just given up on rich white females whose only struggles are to help groups that haven’t really asked for their help and complain about everything. 


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