Sotd: runaway – kanye west. Jumping on that hype train because I think he is a visionary despite only liking 2 of his songs, the yeezys are pretty dope but not as cool as the ultra boost that the soles could’ve been used for and his clothing line was cool at yeezus but yeezy season is kinda ridiculous (but I’ll probably be wearing cheap imitations of it in a few weeks).

For a word that’s basically fallen out of the common vernacular “enervate” has appeared way too many times this week for me to be happy about it. I first read it I think in Hearthstone which is world or warcraft trying to capture another score of card game nerds and I thought it meant to strengthen because I think the character for extra shield by sacrificing health but it turns out it means to weaken. I read it again in some close reading passage today and it came into my thoughts on Saturday so I thought I’ve already thought about it 3 times this week I’d write a whole post about it. (this only proves how desperate I’ve gotten with posts, ready to write about a word I’ve said a few times)

What enervates me? Well having listened to two talks this week about things that didn’t terribly interest me I’ve realised I really done like pointless lectures. The first one was about two hours long on microcephaly which is small heads and I was pretty damn close to sleep, like if my eyes shut for a second I would’ve nodded off. Turns out I really don’t enjoy lectures. 

What I really wanted to say is I’ve picked up a stupidly bad habit. I say habit but I’ve done it twice. Having imposed a bedtime of 10 every night I try and finish my work before then, sort my stuff out then go to sleep. Problem is there’s no time for vainglory. I’d like to have at least a round of battle royale every night which takes about 10 minutes or so, so I take my iPad into my room and whilst my parents think I’m dozing I’m too busy gaming. I only ever intend to play one match but then a teammate AFKs or you get one of the more potato heroes or just go on tilt and you convince yourself it’s okay to just play another round. They’re not wrong about the whole blue light thing ruining sleep, I go to sleep about half an hour later but lose about an hour of sleep. I’m gonna have to wean myself off my gaming “addiction” or just play at a more normal time instead of at night because that game gives me more anxiety than a pedo at a primary school talent show. 


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